Packlab, specialist in self-adhesive solutions

Packlab, founded by a team of engineers and professional men with twenty-year experience in labelling and packaging sectors, belongs to P.E. LABELLERS group and is specialized in self-adhesive labelling systems production.
Owing to highly specialized technical and electronic departments, Packlab can provide ad-hoc solutions to meet any demand of self-adhesive application, for a remarkable number of references worldwide. PackLab, specialized in self-adhesive label¬ling systems, produces groups from 20 to 120 m/min, Stands for special applications on one side and on the upper and lower part of the product, linear self-adhesive labellers for all kinds of cylindrical and shaped containers of different sizes, from phials to kegs, passing through jars and bottles; front and rear applications, wrap-around, top-down, non-stop and linerless applications, keg ribbon and ribbon removal machines, as well as print-apply systems for product traceability. All that is available for speed from 800 to 24,000 bph (special application performance up to 48,000 bph) for all production fields such as food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceuticals, and also beverage, wine and liquors. No specific equipment for different formats is a considerable advantage of PackLab linear labellers that guarantee customers remarkable time saving in labelling containers of different size and shape. Packlab is also available to study tailored solutions to help its own and potential customers to meet the ever demanding marketing requirements, by also putting electronic orienting systems at their disposal.
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