Tectubes introduces the first biodegradable toothpaste tube

Thanks to the use of FKuR's bioplastics.

Tectubes injection mould, extrude and print the various parts of the tube. The tube itself stands out due to its excellent mechanical properties.

“Using bio resins for such an application was a challenge for us. We needed to have compatibility between the different parts, and match them together with good conversion properties”, says Johan Barkentin, project leader at Tectubes, Sweden. ”By using FKuR’s expertise and range of sustainable bioplastics we were able to reach a very satisfactory solution”, he says.

The result of this development is a toothpaste tube made from natural products. Allveggie’s Swedish manager Stefan Lundbladh pointed out: ”It is important for us to emphasize our ecological awareness and send a signal. By using bioplastics we can fulfil our wish to have an overall environmentally friendly solution.“ All of the raw materials which have been used are biodegradable.
Bjarne Högström, FKuR’s sales representative for Scandinavia, stated that “This development shows the versatility of biopolymers and how far biopolymers have progressed with respect to processability and final characteristics.”
Bioplastics are an own class of polymers, which have properties comparable to conventional polymers, but are made from renewable resources or enable the biodegradability of the products made from this material.