The IMA Group at Interpack 2011

At Interpack 2011 the IMA Group will exhibit new machines and complete lines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tea, coffee and food.

At Interpack 2011 the IMA Group will present, as a world premiere, new machines for the packaging of tea in filter bags. At our stands you will see new machines and complete lines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food. A wide range of solutions to meet all your requirements.

We will take the occasion of Interpack 2011 to celebrate IMA’s 50 years of uninterrupted growth. Since 1961 IMA has been confirming its ability to successfully grasp all future challenges by manufacturing high quality automatic machines for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, tea, coffee and food industries. 50 years working with a passion to better serve our customers and the end-users all over the world. 50 years of a firm commitment of expansion and developing new solutions incorporating the most advanced technology.

Interpack 2011 will also be the opportunity to present the Group’s new organisational structure featuring two leading business areas in the main sectors: IMA INDUSTRIES (machines for the packaging of tea, coffee, food and cosmetics) and IMA PHARMA (machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products).

Discover our new solutions on show in Hall 16 - Stands D13 - D15

IMA Tea & Coffee Division will present for the first time the new C2002 (photo 1), the fastest and most flexible double chamber tea bag machine with the highest efficiency rating available today (up to 600 enveloped bags/minute). Also on show for the first time, the new C28 for the production of a high quality ecological double chamber teabag at a reduced speed (180 bags or envelopes/minute).

IMA Active Division will exhibit new solutions for the process and production of solid dose products: the ADAPTA capsule filling machine (photo 2), the SYNTHESIS 500 2G tablet press, the S250 Smart tablet press, the PRESSIMA AX rotary tablet press, the STYL’ONE R&D press, the PERFIMA 200 perforated pan, the ROTO CUBE Lab 12 high shear mixer granulator and single-pot processor and the Spine automatic inspection and sorting system for tablets and capsules produced by Sensum.

IMA Life will exhibit a complete aseptic processing line for vials composed by the VEGA 8 rotary vial washing machine, the BLUE GALAXY 870 FLS de-pyrogenating tunnel, the XTREMA F2000 aseptic filling and stoppering machine (photo 3), the ALU 400/8C capper, the HYDRA 300 external vial washer and the CLU-LF12 automatic loading/unloading system. The line is completely equipped with the new generation of isolators from IMA Life. IMA Life will also exhibit the new SENSITIVE AP400 TE 3T labelling machine for cartons with positive transport system.

One of the latest innovations on show from IMA Safe Division is the C80HS-A96HS (photo 4), an integrated blister line (700 blisters/minute and 500 cartons/minute). IMA Safe Division will also exhibit the GIANT-A180 blister packaging machine, the UNILINE all-in-one counting system, the CD Linear linear tube filling machine and the EXCEL Plus blister machine manufactured by IMA-PG India. Also on show, a complete line composed by the C260 thermoforming machine in line with the FLEXA cartoner by way of the new QuikPik pick and place robotic unit and the SENSITIVE AP400 TE 3T labelling machine. Finally on show, the DYNAMICA cartoner with an innovative packaging solution for parenteral products, the POD product on demand solutions and the SOMBRERO, a blister feeding system.

IMA BFB Division will exhibit the MS280BAN servodriven stretch-bander and the new WA 30 wraparound case packer.

On show from GIMA, the FCW600 cartoner, the FTO513 Fin Seal overwrapper and sealing machine and the 595-596 capsule filling machine (photo 5).

Discover our new solutions on show in Hall 17 - Stand A20 and in Hall 1 - Stand F10

In Hall 17 - Stand A20 and in Hall 1Stand F10, you will see some new solutions from the newly acquired companies Corazza, RC and Stephan, which operate mainly in the food packaging sector. Our staff will be available to illustrate the innovative features of the wide range of machines manufactured by Corazza, RC and Stephan to meet the main requirements of the food industry.

Corazza will exhibit one FF220V, that represents the latest development in medium capacity dosing wrapping machines for portions of processed cheese, equipped with a new dosing assembly, now fully removable in less than 5 minutes for a drastic reduction of pauses in production for cleaning and batch change. The machine can be designed for triangular, square or rectangular portions. Corazza will also exhibit one FF100K, new design dosing wrapping machine for 60 g. and 100 g. portions of fresh cheese, that is dosed cold, and needs a special “portfolio” wrapping. This machine is highly flexible, allowing easy and fast complete size changes.

RC will exhibit a double outfeed high speed press machine type PDP/V. This new generation of high-tech press machines is equipped with two single-row, independent, self-controlled and synchronized outfeeds which make it possible to link it to two independent wrapping machines simultaneously.

The Stephan Universal Machine range is well known for its robustness, reliability and flexibility. The Universal Machines handle almost all the tasks involved in the production of processed cheese, convenience products and confectionary: from mixing and chopping, emulsifying and vacuum deaeration to heating and cooling. They are available for batch sizes from 2.5 up to 170 ltr.

On show, the Universal Machine UM 70 which has been developed to close the gap of the industrial machine range between 40 and 90 litre batch size. Typical applications are processed cheese and marzipan. For further applications like dressings and chocolate fillings the Universal Machine UM 74 is a reliable choice, equipped with a double jacket for heating and cooling. R&D applications and small capacity productions rely on the Universal Machine UMC 5 with 2.5 litre batch size and the Universal Machine UM 24 with 18 litre batch size. Typical applications are chocolate fillings, pharmacy, cosmetics, dressings and mayonnaise.

Stephan will also exhibit the Microcut MCH 20 NVS, a high performance micro cutter for thick featured and highly viscose products, like sausage meat, fruits and vegetables. Equipped with accessory tools even frozen products can be processed with ease. With output of 15 kW the Microcut MCH 20 NVS can be used to cut up to 1,200 kilograms in one hour. It’s easy to operate and can be quickly cleaned. One machine – many advantages: a powerful partner with top performance at repeatably high quality.