Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2019, towards sustainability

Cosmoprof is internationally recognised as the place where innovative products and trends in the beauty world are first discovered. A prevailing market trend is undoubtedly a focus on sustainability. Businesses are committed to becoming eco-sustainable in terms of both their organisation and their products while consumers are becoming increasingly aware of natural ingredients and completely eco packaging.

Cosmoprof has enthusiastically embraced this trend and will be presenting events and projects related to this theme at its upcoming edition. The new initiatives devised by the fair also aim to highlight Cosmoprof’s commitment to making the whole event more sustainable.

In addition to its own events, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is also committed to promoting exhibitors’ projects that are aimed at keeping up with this trend. In addition to sustainability, the circular economy will also be a main theme at the fair.


Sustainability and the circular economy will also be the central themes in Cosmopack. The cosmetics industry is being called upon to find new manufacturing solutions to reduce the environmental impact of production processes, using renewable energy sources, and recycling waste products from manufacturing. These topics will come to the forefront in the seventh edition of the Factory project, where a hair product – eco of course – created live will be showcased.

Oway – 360° Eco-Friendly

Oway, one of the exhibitors from the hair sector, was born as an eco-friendly project, beginning with the production of raw materials. In ORTOFFICINA farm on the hills of Bologna, we grow with biodynamic method and at zero-mile plants, shrubs and aromatic herbs that become ultra-performing complexes of essential oils, extracts and hydrolates of our formulations. The biodynamic method is the purest and most effective type of cultivation: free of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilisers.

Organic and biodynamic raw materials are combined with carefully selected natural ingredients, like pure oils, waxes, butters and emollient plants, and the purest and most sustainable active and functional ingredients. Aggressive and potentially harmful synthetic products are replaced by natural and more delicate alternatives.

Each product is formulated according to the principles of the most advanced green chemistry which guarantees a perfect balance between natural formula and professional performance.

Oway chose amber glass and aluminium packaging for its products, that are 100% recyclable and reusable ad in nitum. They only use essential packaging to minimise our environmental impact. The company say no to overpackaging, secondary wrappings and packing materials, which often end up being discarded immediately after purchase.

Oway has chosen to use renewable energy in its production facilities, using the cleanest, most natural and inexhaustible source available to our planet: the sun.