Gerosa Group, innovation and sustainability

Gerosa Group, a specialist for more than eighty years in the food packaging sector, demonstrates that it is abreast with both the new challenges currently presented by the market as well as with those that will characterize the near future.
It is now clear that a linear model of economic growth is no longer sustainable, and that the European Union has taken a well-defined path to try to solve the problem related to waste, by encouraging the use of renewable resources and recyclable materials, with the aim of making a transition to an increasingly circular economy.
Sustainability has always been an important issue for Gerosa Group, and it is also one of the focuses on which its Innovation Center, a marketing and innovation unit that aims to develop innovative projects and meet the needs of a market in continuous ferment, is working on. Thanks to the work done by the Innovation Center in collaboration with the Research and Development department, Gerosa Group is now able to offer its customers various recyclable, mono-material or compostable packaging solutions, in line with the new European directives concerning the circular economy. In particular, for decades the confectionery packaging market has been one of the company's main businesses, allowing it to acquire fundamental skills and experience to produce innovative quality products. For this reason, the Gerosa Group is able to respond to market demands regarding sustainable packaging that is also effective and of high quality, without compromising on the graphic rendering or the classic performance required for packaging. The new packaging is designed with the aim of simplifying the recovery and recycling of plastic packaging while optimizing weight and structures according to market trends: reducing irregular structures with a gradual shift towards increasingly single-material structures, or similar, in order to make the packaging easily recyclable, where the recycling facilities allow it. In fact, the challenge concerns the entire supply chain and Gerosa Group is at the forefront of studying the best packaging solutions with customers, suppliers and operators in the sector. The challenge is ambitious: guaranteeing food safety and quality standards, combining them with the demands of production and with attention to resources and the environment. Sustainability is a journey and the objectives to be achieved are numerous.

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