Schubert presents a new flowpacker

At ProSweets 2019 in Cologne, Schubert is presenting a lightline Flowpacker, a preconfigured packaging machine – consisting of the Flowmodul flow-wrapping component and a picker line – which packages unpacked or trayed products into flowpacks in an efficient and product-friendly manner.
The Flowmodul is compatible with all commonly used hot and cold sealing films and delivers maximum flexibility in terms of product mix. Using robotic technology, even extremely fragile crackers or biscuits can be stacked in any conceivable variant and packaged into flowpacks.

For the packaging of heat-sensitive products such as chocolate, for example, Gerhard Schubert GmbH has expanded its Flowmodul flow-wrapping component with a new sealing technology: the new patented heat sealing technology is characterised by very low heat development as well as a constant sealing time at variable chain speed. For the first time ever, the adjustment range of a heat-sealing film can be controlled between 5 and 60 metres – without any loss of quality for the film or the product. Even hermetically sealed packages are possible with this technology.

The flowpacker shown at the booth is part of the new Schubert lightline machine series which comprises three packaging machines for standard packaging tasks. The series also includes the lightline Cartonpacker for packaging products into cartons and the lightline Pickerline for pick & place applications.

At the ProSweets fair, Schubert is showcasing a lightline Flowpacker – equipped with the latest heat sealing technology – which will process mixed packages with two different, heat-sensitive products. A biscuit with white chocolate and one with brown chocolate will be packaged together in a flow-wrap bag. The machine achieves an output of 250 products or 125 flowpacks per minute. The Flowpacker features a 3D image processing system which ensures that only flawless products enter the infeed chain.

Whether delicate chocolates, soft cakes or chocolate bars – the family-owned company from Crailsheim develops customised robotic tools for all products. Thanks to the TLM technology’s modular design, these tools can be adapted to meet changing requirements such as new product or packaging formats – easily and cost-effectively. If the product or format changes, only the robot tools need to be adjusted or replaced. For the development and manufacturing of these tools, Schubert draws on its many years of expertise in the design and functionality of grippers and suction cups.

Schubert Packaging Systems offers comprehensive total solutions and services for food and confectionery manufacturers who need more than just a single machine for their production. Gerhard Schubert GmbH’s subsidiary designs turnkey systems for a diverse range of industries. As an engineering service provider, it advises small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations on all aspects of final packaging and related processes.


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Prodotti e tecnologie: GERHARD SCHUBERT