Focused on Corners and Edges

Sick (HALL FG-EAST - BOOTH 15-2)
Up to now it was generally necessary to separate packaging in order to count or detect them with the aid of, for example, photoelectric sensors. Thanks to the DeltaPac by Sick (HALL FG-EAST - BOOTH 15-2), such a separation is now a thing of the past.
This is made possible by SICK’s patented Delta-S-Technology®: 2 energy scales each with 2 receivers and 4 PinPoint2.0 LEDs combined with SICK’s specific ASIC technology SIRIC® and integrated distance measurement. DeltaPac’s principle of operation makes use of edge contours of objects. The edges cause the reflective behavior of the packaging surface to change in the gapless transition from one object to another. This changed direction of reflectivity is used for the output of switching signals. Object contours with radii between 1 and 20mm are reliably identified. The DeltaPac’s high-precision evaluation ensures that smallest changes in angles are reliably detected. It is possible to reliably identify up to 200,000 pieces/hour with conveyor speeds up to 3 m/s.
DeltaPac detects objects aligned in a push-push configuration, offering new possibilities in the construction of packaging machines. Machine elements for packaging buffering and separation mechanisms are no longer needed, saving costs and improving the space utilization of the machine. The product flow is stabilized because collisions due to falling packaging are reduced. Machine downtime, incorrect loading when grouping items and loss of quality due to crashes are prevented, with a positive effect on time, energy and availability utilization of the packaging machine.
Fast commissioning without making any settings or specific process optimization by tailored configuration: SICK has met the requirements of manufacturers of packaging machines in terms of pre-configured devices. Mount, connect, detect: the user will not have to grapple with comprehensive operating instructions. The sensor version with IO-Link allows to configure the sensor according to the application conditions.
Prodotti e tecnologie: SICK