Induction Cap Sealing

The induction sealing technology is a sector in full expansion where ME.RO (HALL 05 - BOOTH D27) has emerged as a leading company. In a growing market where the producers are concerned to protect their products from illicit opening guaranteeing the consumer of the product integrity, we have succeeded in giving a practical and efficient answer to their requirements, to all sectors in the industry of packaging: food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, agrochemical and petrol.
During the last years the use of an Alu-foil in the world of beverage has become more and more popular. To garantee the freshness of their products the fruit juices producers infact are obliged to use a barrier material able to avoid oxygen to get in contact with the content.
The production capacity of these filling lines is very high (up to 60.000 b/h) and the producers ask for an induction sealing system able to perform such results with the maximum reliability.
ME.RO since the beginning has followed this difficult market with a great attention, and the result is that we can easily say nowadays the majority of these big beverage producers are using our induction cap sealers.
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