MG2 was founded in 1966, when it introduced the first continuous-motion capsule filler on the market (Model G36). Since then MG2 supplied thousands of machines to small and medium size as well as to multinational Companies all over the world.

Lead by the Chairman, Ernesto Gamberini, one of the founding shareholders of the company in 1966, today the MG2 Group is a market leader in the manufacture of automatic machines used to dose pharmaceuticals into hard gelatine capsules.

Activity description


As well as machines used to dose products into hard gelatine capsules and other small containers, MG2 also manufactures, in the Process Division, complementary production quality control machines and weight control systems.

The Packaging Division offers a reliable range of automatic packaging machines for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foodstuffs, such as: vertical and horizontal case-packers, forming and filling machines for boxes and trays, palletizers, plunger rod inserting machines.



The MG2 group employs approximately 200 people and owns one production facility covering 15,000 sq. m in Pian di Macina di Pianoro, in the province of Bologna. It is present on the international market thanks to three international branches in the USA, Russia and China and an extensive network of agents throughout the world.

All MG2 products offers advanced technology, quality and reliability. These are all features derived directly from the company’s integrated manufacturing system, itself the result of an ongoing improvement and development programme. The MG2 manufacturing system employs the very latest automated/computerized machining centre and equipment to produce complex, critical components. Components are subject to stringent quality testing using sophisticated three-dimensional tools and analytical test methods.

MG2 has been the first company in this specific field to obtain in 1995 the quality certification in respect of the UNI EN ISO 9001-94. The actual quality standard is in line with the Vision 2000 requirements.