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MG2, a benchmark compay in the design, manufacturing and marketing of capsule fillers and end-of-line solutions, is getting ready for Frankfurt’s kermis, where it will show – among many others - an absolute novelty for the dosage of powders, pellets and microtablets: PLANETA 200.
Following its tradition in making innovation, MG2 will present at Achema, below Planeta 200, other new packaging solutions: the intermittent motion cartoner KARTOS I/100 and the ACE track & trace systems.
Coming back to PLANETA 200, it’s the latest evolution of a series of continuous motion capsule fillers already well appreciated by the market, such as G250 and PLANETA 100. This machine can reach a production speed up to 200.000 capsules per hour, but its main plus surely is its great flexibility. In fact, PLANETA 200 is a highly configurable platform, suitable to meet different production requirements for powders, microtablets and pellets into hard shell capsules. As for the dosing process, the modular design of the machine allows to fit different dosing units at the same time, enabling to fill the same capsule with several products. Moreover, all dosing units work in accordance with the “no capsule, no dosage” concept, thus ensuring  a better machine cleaning and considerable economic advantages in product saving, as well as avoiding its dispersion in the processing area and in the environment.


PLANETA 200 was designed according to scalability principles: it can initially be purchased  with a configuration suitable for medium speeds, then it can later be upgraded for the maximum speed of 200.000 capsules per hour, reaching different performances depending on the number and kind of dosing units installed. For instance, the powder dosing unit can be transformed from the basic standard to the version for low dosages without compactation, and vice-versa, by simply changing some parts. Generally speaking, it is possible to make different configurations of PLANETA 200 during its life cycle, in order to meet changing requirements, for example when new products are launched. The weight control system as well can be upgraded after the machine installation, starting from a simple statistical control of capsule gross weight, up to the most advanced MultiNETT system, which allows to check in process the net weight of each capsule and each dosed product, in case of dosing combinations into the same capsule. Finally, PLANETA 200 was studied to be perfectly integrated to different productive environments, as it can be equipped in different ways depending on the containment level required: starting from a simple isolator up to Wet In Place (WIP) and Clean In Place (CIP) automatic systems. The machine can also be fitted with additional units for product feeding or empty capsules ejection.


At Achema, the Bolognese company will also introduce the latest solutions developed in the field of pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging, in this case the new cartoner mod. KARTOS I/100 (which was first introduced as a preview during last edition of Pack Expo in Chicago) and a part of the ACE’s range of track & trace proposals. KARTOS I/100 allows to satisfy many different packaging requirements as for carton and product types. The machine can reach a speed of 100 strokes per minute, working with cartons ranging from a minimum of 30x12x70 mm up to a maximum of 95x70x170 mm; by using the KARTOS I/80 version, it is possible to reach a maximum carton size of 130x80x220 mm. Carton closing can be set up for straight (airplane) or reverse flap tuck-in closure, with possibility of glue closure. The flexibility of the infeed unit position, which can be customized, makes the KARTOS easy to integrate on any line layout. The KARTOS I/100 is a fully electronic machine, equipped with brushless motors to ensure optimal functioning and high performance. Carton pick up and erection, product/component feeding and verification, as well as flap closing are carefully managed by fail-safe logic. Built to be user friendly, KARTOS I/100 features a balcony style design which guarantees complete accessibility to the working area, simplifying the overall use. The extensive integration of belts (instead of traditional chains) allows for reduced cleaning time and maintenance requirements. Size change-over is fast and simple; all adjustments are performed through micrometric scales and digital meters.
KARTOS I/100 can be equipped with several optional items, such as a unit for fifth panel carton handling, a leaflet inserting unit, a product presence verification system, barcode readers, reject units for non-conforming cartons and coding systems for outgoing cartons (ACE CT/400) and incoming bottles (ACE BT/300). These track & trace systems will be shown at Achema: they are used to print a unique identifying 2D-Data Matrix code onto each carton or bottle and, at the same time, they read, verify and monitor the code printing quality of each unit, with a production speed of respectively up to 400 cartons or 300 bottles per minute.  Thanks to their reduced footprint, ACE units can be easily integrated to any new or existing packaging line. MG2 can also supply ACE BN/30, for bundles handling, featuring the same ease of line integration. These systems can handle a wide range of  shapes and sizes, thanks to easy and minimum adjustments, in order to get the maximum flexibility of use.

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