Top for coffee capsule

New aluminium solution
For some months now, a number of our customers have expressed the need to recreate a capsule compatible with a range of coffee machines on the market, distinguished not by a normal triple top covering (PET-Alu-OPP), but rather by an aluminium covering that seals onto the glass. The reason for this request is that, on such machines aluminium perforates better than other materials. For better adhesion, a high-performance heat-sealing lacquer was first conceived ensuring a strong seal in view of the fact that the product had to resist contact with hot water. An aluminium was then identified with high performance during packaging; three thicknesses are currently available: 38, 30 and 25 micron. What is more, at the request of the end customer, embossing can be personalized as required: from standard embossing currently in use to tailored embossing for more discerning customers.