Interpack 2011: a few weeks to go

The long wait for Interpack 2011 is finally over. Now we just have to check the result of the long path that has led to its definition. Focal points of this edition: innovations that have brought on the market more practical, safe, intelligent and ecologic products.

About 2,700 exhibitors from roughly 60 countries are expected interpack 2011, the world’s most important trade fair for the packaging sector and related processing industries (12 -18 May), that, with a good 174,000 square metres of net space, will again be occupying all 19 halls of the Düsseldorf exhibition centre. Interpack 2011 is presenting packaging and process solutions for companies from the areas of food and beverages, confectionery and bakery products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, non-food consumer goods, industrial goods and related services plus packaging materials and their manufacture. The lion’s share of hall space – 10 halls – has been booked by companies supplying processes and machines for packaging, followed by packaging materials and manufacture in more than four halls. Processes and machines for confectionery and bakery products have grown since 2008, with companies from this segment completely filling Halls 1-4. Individual exhibitors from all categories will be occupying space in the outdoor exhibition grounds.

Focus on the appropriate packaging

Today a package must have plenty of features: it must be eye-catching to make a product competitive on the market; it must be resistant to protect its contents throughout the various transportation steps; environmentally-friendly to  meet the needs of a customer who is increasingly sensitive towards the environment; safe to preserve the product, above all a food product in any condition; practical to adapt to the most demanding users, like the elderly people; ‘intelligent’ to point out in any moment the product’s quality status. That is why over the years the specialist companies have increasingly committed themselves in studying and developing increasingly advanced technologies to develop packages that might meet all of these requirements. That is why today Interpack does not forget to highlight the most innovative solutions in these terms. Strolling among the stands you can see special plastic glasses for wurstel on-the-go consumption, recyclable cardboard containers for coffee, PET oxygen-scavenger bottles for  soft drinks; carton boxes for biscuits with OnVu labels applied on it (a time and temperature displayer that is useful during product transportation to the shops) and smart packages with built-in sensors or microchips that uninterruptedly collect information about product conditions and traceability. If these solutions are important for the market they are of course important for Interpack as well.