Automation and Sustainability by ACMA

In its centennial year, ACMA, a Coesia Group company specialized in packaging solutions for fast-moving consumer goods, participates at ProSweets 2024, focusing on automation and sustainability, fundamental pillars of the Group's strategy.
GREENMATION is Coesia's response to the current trend driven by consumer demands for reusable and recyclable packaging, as manufacturers face labor shortages and production cost increases. 

ACMA showcases  three technological innovations at the fair: a robotic distribution system, the CW 600 multi-style packer with the new double-protected bow packaging, and Material Gate, a testing unit for paper-based materials. The Cologne fair is also the ideal stage to introduce the new "ACMA CARES Programme" service.

ACMA has developed three "smart handling" systems for Confectionery, designed considering the type of chocolate pralines to be handled, how they need to reach the machine, and the production line's speed. ProSweets shows a demo of a single-pick up and multi-pick-up robotic distribution system for flat-based products, capable of orienting and arranging chocolates in rows. The system is available in two configurations and is aimed at picking up random products, sorting them and finally feeding them correctly oriented into the machine. 

The CW 600 is the machine chosen by ACMA to represent the company's Confectionery portfolio at ProSweets. It is a unit for packaging flat-based chocolates, capable of working with various packaging materials, including monomaterials such as aluminum, PP, PVC, cellophane, and paper. The machine can handle up to eight different packaging formats, addressing market demands for product diversification and making it one of the most versatile platforms in the industry. 

Material Gate is also be on display – a testing unit born within ACMA's Sustainability Lab and dedicated to experimenting with new wrapping materials with twist. Material Gate can conduct tests with sustainable wraps, an essential part of developing new packaging materials. Specifically, it can test materials for flat or spherical products with double twist style, verifying machinability and behavior in terms of resistance to mechanical stress. 

ProSweets is also an opportunity to present ACMA CARES, a program designed to consistently support customers in improving productivity and reducing maintenance costs for their installed base. ACMA can offer various solutions to extend the lifecycle of its machines, innovate its models and keep updated the electronics of models that require alignment with new production needs, a natural consequence of technological evolution. Key aspect of the program is alignment with the latest safety standards and a focus on sustainability, promoting environmentally responsible solutions. 

ACMA at ProSweets 2024
Hall 10.1 – Stand G040/H049
Prodotti e tecnologie: GRUPPO COESIA