Etipack focuses on wrap-around labelling

CPhI Worldwide 2021 will be an opportunity for Etipack to showcase Etifiale Pro and Pharma Roundlive, the two new Etipack Pharma line top systems of the complete range of labelling machines and systems for the pharmaceutical sector, designed for serialization and traceability processes, which stands out for its high quality, productivity and safety standards.
Launched in 2020, Pharma Round is a machine for wrap-around labelling of cylindrical vials that is specific for the pharmaceutical market. Conceived according to GMP guidelines, in terms of functions and technical features, it is the perfect mix of ergonomics and performance.
The system features high-accessibility, thanks to the special labelling machine with frontal reel loading positioned on the operator side. The control panel with fail-safe PLC electronics for the constant diagnosis of the peripheral devices and the system management with an HMI designed in compliance with FDA "CFR21 part11" regulations and GAMP guidelines, also enforces usability and reliability. The panel allows to configure and program the system, monitor and record all the activities, also allowing to consult or request reports at any step of the process.

Top level performances in application and control
Pharma Round stands out for high label control standards, and advanced waste management thanks to the ability to eject and certify erroneous products, and to optionally integrateaspecial label rejection mechanism prior to application, that prevents erroneous labelling.
Also versatile when it comes to printing possibilities, Pharma Round can meet different needs thanks to its predisposition to integrate several thermal ink jet or thermal transfer printing units.
New entry in 2021 is Etifiale Pro, the automatic system specifically designed for high-speed labelling of pharmaceutical ampoules which, thanks to the latest generation of electronics, remote controls and ergonomics, is considered the most innovative product in the Etipack Pharma line.
The highlight of this system is certainly the powerful control panel designed according to GMP guidelines. Equipped with advanced electronics with PLC SIEMENS S7 SERIES S1500 for constant diagnosis of the peripherals, is mounted on a special mobile swinging arm that allows wide freedom of movement. Etifiale Pro allows remote management of the system and assistance on PC and PLC panelsintegrating an ASEM Panel PC 12" 4/3 low power, an operator interface based on SCADA technology in W10 Embedded environment, and a Sql Server Express Database.
The panel is enabled for PLC IN/OUT management for maintenance analysis, it offers the option of consulting the wiring diagrams and instruction manual and activating the LoTo functions on the electrical and pneumatic power supply to better manage maintenance processes. The panel also allows the management of Fail Safe functions, production batch and the collection of CFR21/Events/Alarms reports and production data, as well as carousel position control.
Thanks to the labelling machine positioned outside the protections, Etifiale Pro offers a high-accessibility facilitating reels loading and unloading operations, adjustment, management, inspection and maintenance. The labeller allows the configuration of over 50 parameters and the saving of customized configurations. The versatility of the system also emerges in terms of printing options, control of variable data, and advanced waste management with ejection devices, certification of waste and control of good product output.

Hall 10 – Stand K70

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