Presspall: one answer to many needs

Corno Pallets offer every kind of pallet: traditional wooden pallet, heat treated pallets for export ISPM-15, Epal pallets, kiln dried pallets and Presspall pallet, an excellent solution to the multiple needs that companies have to face, in logistical terms, when organizing a shipment.
By pressed wood we mean a wood fiber panel composed of the waste from the processing (shavings, or saw dust when very fine) of the wood itself, which are shredded, mixed with binding materials (glues) and pressed to obtain a panel that can take on various sizes. The first chipboard pallet was born in 1971 in Siegertsbrunn (Munich) where the company headquarters of InkaPalleten GmbH, one of the largest European producers of disposable pressed wood pallets, is still located. INKA pallets are produced in Ermelo (The Netherlands) and over the years two other very important manufacturers have been added for the distribution of the product throughout Europe: Engelvin and Binderholz. In 1987 Corno Pallets imported the first stackable pressed wooden pallets in Italy, and began the distribution first in central-northern Italy and then throughout the national territory through a dense network of distributors. Today it selects and markets the best pressed wooden pallets under the proprietary brand PRESSPALL. Presspall represents an excellent solution to the multiple needs that companies have to face, in logistical terms, when organizing a shipment. For the production of Presspall, industrial waste wood is used (old platforms, shavings and saw mill residues) ground and dried. The material obtained, mixed with an urea resin, is pressed in a special mold at high pressure and temperature. Produced according to a guaranteed pesticide process, the pressed wooden pallets are universal packaging suitable for transport all over the world and must not be subject to any type of import regulations required in different countries (ISPM-15). The pressed wooden pallet is PEFC certified. The PEFC certificate identifies that the Presspall pallet is produced exclusively from wood material from sustainably managed forests. The journey of the wood from the forest to the finished product can be reconstructed and only products that prove to come from sustainable forest management can bear this mark. Thanks to its stackable structure, Presspall takes up 66% less space in the warehouse than a traditional pallet with a considerable saving of empty spaces during transport. Thanks to its high load capacity (dynamic capacity up to 1250 kg) it represents an excellent alternative solution to the traditional pallet and is ideal for all types of shipment and for all types of product sectors (food, electricity, lighting, etc.)
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