SACMI @ Pack Expo with a complete packaging-chocolate-beverage range

The capabilities of SACMI Packaging & Chocolate, which span from chocolate processing to highly automated standalone secondary packaging, are to play a central role at the show, as is its Rigid Packaging group with its outstanding new services and digital controls. SACMI Beverage, has a new facility dedicated to the American market providing complete plant engineering services.
Complete SACMI solutions for the packaging-chocolate-and beverage sector will play a pivotal role at Pack Expo Las Vegas, the international processing and packaging show held in Las Vegas from the 11th to 13th of September. Superb technology and customer service are the hallmarks of the SACMI Group, exhibiting in Las Vegas with its Packaging & Chocolate, Rigid Packaging and Beverage Business Units (stand 7427, South Upper hall).

SACMI Packaging & Chocolate: from chocolate processing to primary and secondary packaging. The Tri-functional secondary packaging cell Performance s233 will be on display at the booth.

‘Everything for chocolate, packaging for everything’ is SACMI Packaging & Chocolate’s motto. We offer the market’s most comprehensive range of integrated solutions for the chocolate industry, from processing and molding to primary and secondary packaging; not just for chocolate but with a focus on confectionery, bakery and other food and non-food products. Visitors to the SACMI stand at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023 have a great opportunity to get a close look at the Performance S233 tri-functional cell, a robotic solution that fills and closes boxes at rates as high as 60 boxes per minute.

SACMI Rigid Packaging. New Smart Pack and Smart Care digital service packages. Quality Control and Artificial Intelligence. The broadest range available for the new neck-cap standards.

As part of the wider transition to sustainability, SACMI offers solutions that reduce consumption of virgin resins and aid the creation of a fully circular supply chain. How? Thanks to the extensive machine, mold and hot runner expertise of Research and Development Center and advanced ‘design to recycle’ product development services, provided by SACMI Lab and certified by major international brand owners.

New in-machine and in-cloud digital packages. With its Compression technology, SACMI leads the world in the manufacture of one-piece caps. Now, the new Smart Pack and Smart Care packages bring out the full potential of CCM (Continuous Compression Molding) by equipping it with advanced in-machine and in-cloud controls. More specifically, Smart Pack control sensors (pellet positioning, mold thermoregulation etc.) reduce the risk of error, boosting long-term machine process quality and repeatability. Similar advantages stem from CM-Flow, a new, compact extruder that ensures the highest quality/productivity: SACMI offers this as standard on new-generation CCMs (and also provides it as an upgrade to existing presses). Furthermore, with the Smart Care service, customers can share machine data with SACMI to ensure they make the best process control decisions.

Quality control and Artificial Intelligence. The SACMI range is based on systems that are evolving towards predictive logic. Alongside the new service packages, SACMI offers a complete range of AI-driven Computer Vision systems that include the new PVS156, the first inspection unit on the market to be incorporated in the injection-type preform molding press (IPS 300).

SACMI Beverage builds up its customer assistance and service team in the US. The goal: to expand its customer base and gain greater market recognition for its complete plants and lines.

Technological quality and long-term support services are rewarding SACMI Beverage products in the United States. From labelers to complete plants and BIB machines, at Pack Expo Las Vegas SACMI Beverage will illustrate all its latest innovations, designed to ensure customers respond effectively to market and consumption trends:

- A sole supplier, a team always at your side
- Complete lines
- New Packaging Center
- Bag-In-Box opportunities. 

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