SEA Vision is ready for PACK EXPO Las Vegas

At PACK EXPO Las Vegas, from September 11 to 13, SEA Vision will exhibit three of its main technologies for pharmaceutical production control.
Pack Expo Las Vegas is one of the most significant events for the packaging and processing industry in the US, and SEA Vision is once again proud to be part of this important event, which will be taking place from September 11 to 13 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

At booth number 6901, SEA Vision will be presenting some of its cutting-edge technological solutions for:

the inspection of glass vials, syringes and carpules
serialisation and aggregation, to quickly comply with the fast-approaching DSCSA deadlines
the automation of line clearance and 4.0 suite processes

Software solution for vision inspection controls on vials and syringes

The initial area of focus will be the inspection of glass vials, syringes and carpules. SEA Vision will have a demo station equipped with a hardware kit and a software program (usually installed on the vial or syringe filling and capping machines, as well as on syringe assembly machines) to show the real-time detection of: 
vial crimping defects 
flip-off caps and their correct colour
stoppers and their correct position
caps and their position
syringe assembly defects
labels and their correct application

These inspection solutions have been designed to meet the quality control and product integrity needs, to identify and report the presence of defective products to the packaging machinery in order to prevent them from being distributed.

All-in-one serialisation and aggregation to comply with DSCSA: TrackPCA workstation

Another crucial aspect is serialisation and aggregation, and with the FDA’s deadline for compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) rapidly approaching, it is important for pharmaceutical manufacturers to find a way to comply with these regulations. 

SEA Vision will be showcasing TrackPCA, a compact workstation designed to manage the serialisation of cartons and multi-level aggregation on cases and pallets all at once, allowing for quick and efficient compliance. 
The skills and experience of SEA Vision in cutting-edge Track & Trace software architecture allow manufacturers to be ready in time for the DSCSA’s final deadline of November 27th, 2023. In fact, the station manages the printing and checking of the variable data and codes to serialise cartons; the presence of a built-in label printer allows parent-child aggregation to be performed up to the pallet level, and partial cases and pallets can also be managed. 

yudoo at Packexpo

It is not possible to talk about Industry 4.0 without mentioning yudoo, a platform that links automation devices, machines, IT and control systems together in order to manage the entire pharmaceutical production process and, at the same time, collect and analyse data to turn manufacturing insights and traceability insights into action and drive results in terms of OEE improvement.

The full version of yudoo includes features for managing production lines, integrating existing Track & Trace architecture for serialisation management, real-time OEE performance analysis, and evolved KPI’s based on Business Intelligence tools.

What does all this mean? Simple: yudoo is the pharmaceutical software suite that makes digital transformation a reality.
At Pack Expo Las Vegas visitors will have the opportunity to meet SEA Vision product experts to know more about the AI-powered Automated Line Clearance solution “a-eye clearance”. More info about this solution are available on the website.
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