Valerio Soli is the new Chairman of Ipack Ima

A highly reputed business leader and representative of producer companies has been appointed by the new board of directors as Chairman of the IPACK-IMA and MEAT-TECH management company.
Following the announcement of the dates of the next editions of IPACK-IMA and MEAT-TECH to be held in the Fiera Milano exhibition centre in 2021, Valerio Soli has been named as Chairman of Ipack Ima srl, a joint venture between Ucima and Fiera Milano.
With his many years of experience working at Coesia Group, an international organisation with operations covering all stages of the food and non-food industries, and his role as Managing Director of a cluster of Coesia Group member companies including ACMA, GDM, IPI and System Ceramics, Valerio Soli’s appointment fully reflects the values and vision of the exhibitions organised by Ipack Ima. These events stand out in particular for their international reach and their coverage of the entire supply chain, including process and packaging solutions, packaging materials and end-of-line technologies.
“I am delighted to have been appointed chairman of Ipack Ima, a leading organiser of international processing and packaging exhibitions”, said Valerio Soli. “In taking on this new role I am committed to sharing my experience in the organisation of the many projects we are working on for the 2021 shows and in developing sustainable strategies for the future. Markets are evolving rapidly and continuously in response to new needs and consumer behaviours, so we must understand these trends and anticipate change so as to surprise and impress our customers. International presence, the digital world, technological innovation and environmental sustainability will be our main goals”.
Valerio Soli was elected by the new Board of Directors of Ipack Ima srl, which along with the Chairman consists of Paolo Borgio (Venue and Hosted Events Director, Fiera Milano spa), Rossano Bozzi (CEO, Ipack Ima srl), Alberto Cirio (CEO, Arol spa), Paolo Gambuli (Director, Ucima), Marco Pacini (CFO, Fiera Milano spa), Luciano Sottile (Machine Division Director, Goglio spa).
“Digitalisation, circular economy and research will be the keywords of the 2021 editions of IPACK-IMA and MEAT-TECH”, explained Managing Director Rossano Bozzi. “With their strong focus on ideas, the exhibitions will give entrepreneurs, managers and technicians from all over the world a chance to discover the most innovative solutions for production and packaging and for the end-of-line stage, labelling and traceability, while promoting the diffusion of flexible and increasingly customised applications”.
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