Valmatic, never-ending evolution in single-dose packaging solution

Even for this 2020, Valmatic will achieve significant increase thanks to its single-dose packaging offer. The difficult period we are facing has been internally lived as a new challenge. Graziana Tassinari, Valmatic sales and marketing manager, tell us her successful strategies.
Which markets does Valmatic serve and what is its core business?
In 2020 Valmatic has achieved a significant increase thanks to its offer of single-dose packaging and Form-Fill-Seal machinery to different sectors. The special period we are currently living is internally experienced as a new challenge; beyond our main range we try to offer useful B2C and B2B products in this specific historical moment. The two main core business of Valmatic are design and manufacture of Form-Fill-Seal machines for the production of single-dose containers and vials. With equipment designed and produced by us, Valmatic has 9 internal production departments where offers co-packing and private label service to its customers, from cosmetic to pharmaceutical, from chemical to food applications. Machines manufacturers but also first users of our technology for launching new and attractive single-dose packaging on the market. Valmatic single-dose units are innovative for their shapes, easy to use and represent a successful sampling which, compared to other products on the market, is perceived as a green new solution. Brands like Bionike, Deborah, Beauty Spa, Guam are just some of the Italian brands that work with us for making samples. Today single doses and vials are increasingly used as sales products. A valid alternative to glass containers because they are squeezable, have the same transparency but never dangerous. The pre-dosed product gives value to the product itself and its ease of use is singular thanks the pre-cut made during production. Valmatic single-doses also give value to sales products and are made with materials that come from the recycling of PET bottles.

What are the advantages of your single-dose production?
The plastic materials used by Valmatic came till a 90% from recycled PET bottles. Secondary packaging, offered to complete our one-time use product, like cards or cases, can be developed in FSC Certified paper. Valmatic pays attention to environment and thanks the upgrade, modifications and continuous R&D applied on our Lines, Valmatic can successfully work recycled materials. Valmatic stand up vials are an alternative to glass. They are squeezable so they can contain serums and creamy products. Highly appreciated in cosmetics, single-dose and vials can be customized in colours and shapes. All this leads to a company know-how which is shared to our FFS machine customers. This is the reason why the two main business are interrelated and both increase at the same time. Our goal is to expand on an international level the Valmatic single-dose meaning as we know It with all the environmental, aesthetic and usability advantages.

How has your approach to sustainability in production changed over the years?
For years we have focused the production on recycled materials and today we are proud to say that the production is almost entirely in recycled material, as known these materials are more expensive than virgin ones. This aspect is a company philosophy and a staple that is rewarding us. For years, our products can be globally sold, even in Korea and California, areas where regulations are stricter.

In the field of packaging systems, which lines do you supply on the market?
The FORM-FILL-SEAL machines we offer on the market have different sizes and different production capacity. Our Minivaldose automatically produces up to 5,600 vials from 1 to 10 ml/hour.
Let’s move to V75, our best seller, and VAL175 and VT240, Lines with a higher hourly capacity, mainly sold for food and pharmaceutical applications. Our machines collect the experience developed in production, know-how for materials and products to fill, such as scrubs, creams, aggressive products and so on. This is an important guarantee for our machine customers. Valmatic FFS equipment is the result of 40 years of experience, in fact Valmatic in 2020 celebrates 40 years of activity. We have customers all over the world. Valmatic FFS Machines have always been designed for Remote Assistance, Remote Factory Acceptance Test and online training.

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