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For decades, Arca Etichette has been structured and dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector as a solution provider, specialist in the production of labels and self-adhesive solutions, sleeves and technology for labelling, tracing and marking.
The portfolio of solutions that Arca Etichette offers for the labeling of pharmaceutical packaging is very large and complete, any type of container and any need find the right answer through solutions developed and produced in compliance with the NBF, the ISO9001 certified quality system and the other numerous certifications. For the labelling of vials, Arca offers a wide range of plastic materials and adhesives suitable for all applications, favouring the offer of “no-label-look” materials; these materials, together with conventional screen printing or digital screen printing, allow identification of the product with a tactile effect even on vials of minimum diameter. These materials and adhesives, combined with PET support liners allow very high labelling performances and, therefore, high productivity. For infusion products, the offer is of various solutions with hook. The hooks can be foldable or extendable, to adapt to all needs and ensure compliance with ISO standards that regulate these types of functional labels. In addition, the hook can be applied above the label for further construction and to ensure the customer the possibility of “suspending” the drug in a hospital setting.
Multi-page solutions allow, with a single application and avoiding the carton and insertion of a folded leaflet, to identify the product and make the package leaflet available to the patient. The leaflet can remain stuck on the product on which it is applied and, therefore, the consumer always has the information necessary for the dosage of the drug available. On the external surface of the multipage label it is also possible to add Braille characters or danger symbols for the visually impaired. If the dimensions of the product do not allow the application of a multipage label, Arca Etichette suggests the multilayer construction.
In this solution, several layers of materials, up to six, are assembled and die-cut in the register to allow the consumer to be able to find the dosage and information for the intake. In addition, this type of product allows, in the hospital setting, the removal of part of the label and the positioning on the patient’s medical record to avoid errors and facilitate the operation of the nurses. Where it is not possible to use any of the two solutions just illustrated, Arca Etichette suggests the use of a label, the Wrap-Label, which is applied by wrapping the vial on which it is applied several times. Special production processes also allow the overlapping layers to unfold but do not allow the label to be removed from the vial itself. In compliance with Directive 2011-62-EC, the Arca Etichette offer is structured with a range of solutions for pharmaceutical serialization and to prevent the break-in of pharmaceutical packages and cases. For this latter need, Arca offers an effective Tamper Evident solution: the Wipe-Out seal, patented at European. The combination of materials and the type of adhesives used make the detachment of the intact label extremely difficult and therefore the repositioning of the same on the product after illegal opening. With this particular type of antiburglary label, it is possible to protect cases and even larger surfaces such as those of boxes containing products or other bulky packages. These Tamper Evident labels are customizable and serializable with special security inks, which also act as additional anti-counterfeiting elements. For the serialization of medicinal packages, which allows the unambiguous tracing of drugs, Arca Etichette has developed solutions in which serialization can be visible or invisible, with greater protection against counterfeiting or the parallel market without impacting the graphics of the label itself which, in the pharmaceutical world, requires long times for the approval. Other solutions mentioned, together with the acquisition of the unique identifiers on the labels and their insertion in databases, can allow the patient to verify the authenticity of the product. By combining these solutions with special security inks detectable by UV or by more sophisticated technologies, an important guarantee against counterfeiting can be obtained.
Where it is necessary to combine the identification of bottles with seals to highlight the opening, Arca has developed the Shrink Labels, that coat and seal the product through the thermo-retraction of the selfadhesive material. They replace the sleeves, with a series of advantages: a convenient opening perforation allows the opening of the product; the adhesiveness of the material guarantees the permanence of the label on the bottle; quality and process controls and manufacturer and user safety are guaranteed. If a blister needs a protection with the maximum “child-resistant / senior-friendly” protection, Arca Etichette is licensed by DoseGuard. This solution allows you to protect the blister against accidental opening or by children, while maintaining ease of access to the drug for older people. The Systems Division of Arca Etichette produces labelling machines specifically designed to be installed in production lines dedicated to pharmaceutical production.

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