ARGO Vision and SEA Vision together for the future of the industry 4.0

A young start-up specialized in applying deep learning techniques to machine vision – ARGO Vision – and a company expert in vision, traceability and industry 4.0 systems for drugs packaging – SEA Vision – are the protagonists of an all-Italian story about the future and industrial innovation.
On the one hand, SEA Vision, which this year celebrates 25 years of presence on the market, and on the other ARGO Vision, which has joined the group as a team devoted to “frontier” R&D: an innovative “distillate” that will become part of the group’s technological heritage, enhancing and extending SEA Vision’s algorithmic park in the areas of machine vision and predictive maintenance (industry 4.0). An association, in pure “open innovation” style, that will also launch ongoing training and scientific dissemination projects both within the group and to customers and prospects.

Growth objectives
The SEA Vision group’s investment in ARGO Vision has determined a multi-year roadmap of developments, which will see the first results as early as 2021 with the inclusion of new AI-based algorithms in the group’s quality controls, the optimisation of the configuration/setting processes of the existing algorithms and the enhancement of the Yudoo suite, thanks to the joint activity of the two teams’ data scientists.

Yudoo, an increasingly powerful platform
Launched by SEA Vision in 2019, Yudoo is the revolutionary suite dedicated to the industrial world, created to satisfy all the management and process optimisation needs in the 4.0 industry world with a single platform. One of the main evolutions introduced by SEA Vision is the use of innovative data collection and storage methods to make the most of the various data sources already on line.
In addition to solutions based on native integration (for machines already compliant with industry 4.0), SEA Vision has specialised in making the best use of the sensors already present in the machine, expanding them where necessary, thanks to the introduction of an innovative IOT kit, which has the task of extending and rationalising the “value” of the data produced in line in an advanced business intelligence perspective. A distinctive factor compared to competitors is also the possibility of adding to the analysis all the data generated by SEA Vision’s systems, useful for verifying the state of health of a machine. In this logic, acting as a collector of all this information (machine vision, industrial automation and track and trace), Yudoo becomes the only and all-inclusive industrial process analysis solution.
The successful element of the ARGO Vision/SEA Vision solution is also the design of an innovative data acquisition and storage structure able to guarantee the future sustainability of a product that requires a large amount of historical data. A commonly used approach is based on an intermediate step of data pre-processing, aimed at making these big data manageable in the medium/ long term. The approach of ARGO and SEA is instead going in a different and more ambitious direction: working through state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that data is stored in “raw” mode (without any semi-processing process that by its nature reduces the information content of the data itself) for a better analysis capacity and the possibility to perform analysis on the entire stored historical data.

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