Goglio leads the market through innovation

Offering ready-to-use packaging solutions, from plants to packaging materials, characterized by a high level of technological innovation and reduced environmental impact: this is the philosophy which distinguishes Goglio in the packaging panorama. Davide Jarach, president of Goglio Tianjin Packaging, told us about it.
Fres-co System® is the brand describing Goglio’s business model. Can you explain this concept?
Fres-co System® was born in the 1960s, when we added a range of protective and hermetic packaging materials to our machinery and equipment portfolio. To choose the name of this new product line, we launched an internal competition: one of our employees came up with the name Fres-co, an acronym for “fresh container”, which perfectly describes the concept of product freshness at the heart of our brand. Now-a-day, this aspect still represents the synthesis of our corporate philosophy, which is to offer turnkey solutions. Goglio’s aim is to provide the customer not with a simple product, but with a sum of products granting the solution to his packaging problem. It starts from packaging machines to the actual material, passing through additional components specific to the different target sectors, such as degassing valves for coffee or caps and glands for bag-in-box solutions. Last but not least, service is the glue that binds all these aspects together and allows us to give the customer a guarantee of efficiency and effectiveness of the whole process.

Can you tell us about the new Barrel Pouch?
The Barrel Pouch is one of the latest solutions we have launched over the last 12 months. It is a concept that we have developed within our US subsidiary. It is essentially based on a special dispensing cap that allows, through application on a pouch with characteristics very similar to those of a stand-up pouch, to create a solution particularly suitable for beverages. It has been very appreciated for packaging cocktails, even alcohol-based ones. Our dispensing cap works according to the ‘pinch at first use’ concept, which means that the pack is opened the first time it is used, with a break-through system providing excellent protection from oxygen in the spout area.

Which of your target sectors are performing best?
Our main sector remains coffee. Despite the pandemic, it is a market that continues to generate positive performance, with growth rates that tend to be in line with the general trend of economic growth. It is a dynamic sector, especially in terms of consumer formats. Another sector in which we continue to have a good response is that of large format aseptic packaging for semi-finished products, mainly for the fruit industry. Finally, we are focusing more and more on the development of packaging solutions for wet products, i.e. liquids or solids contained in their preserving liquid, for which we have been developing the GNova system for some years now.

Goglio has also been focusing on green materials for some years now. What results and solutions have been achieved?
Goglio has always put the spotlight on 360° sustainability. In the 1970s we were the first in our sector to introduce the concept of solvent recycling, with a plant that allowed us to recover the solvent used in the process. In more recent years, together with our partner E.ON, we have invested in a cogeneration plant that uses gas to produce electricity and thermal energy. This has allowed us to significantly reduce the amount of gas used in the process. An important initiative, carried out during Expo 2015 for the coffee cluster, was the presentation of a compostable material solution with barrier properties for packaging and coffee roasted on site. In terms of materials, we focused on both weight reduction and recyclability, while ensuring adequate barrier properties. In addition, we have worked internally to find scrap management solutions for more traditional materials. For this reason we have set up a working group that experiments with our production waste and, through a mechanical recycling process, has managed to obtain a composite material regrind, which can be used for new products, from cores of reels to pallets, right up to the chairs and tables we use on stands at trade fairs.

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